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Treasure X Series 9 Mini Robot

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Remove the Rust and Build Your Bot with Treasure X Robots Gold. Discover the future of Robots when you search for REAL Gold Dipped Treasure.

Take on 8 levels of adventure as you discover and repair the most amazing Mini Robots. Reveal your Robot by dipping it into water to remove its rust coating and bring back its "Bling"!

Cut open the Container with your Tool to find the remaining parts of your Bot and its "Power Core". Will you find a REAL Gold Dipped "Power Core" Treasure?

There are 16 Mini Robots to collect. Look out for Robots with awesome finishes such as Gold Wash, Metallic, Transparent and Splatter!

There are even Glow-in-the-Dark and Color Change Bots to repair and rebuild! All the Treasure X Mini Robots have interchangeable parts. Mix and match all your Robots to create new versions of the Bots!

The more you collect the more unique Robots you can create.

Kids will love this futuristic unboxing adventure toy as they reveal, repair and build while they search for Treasure! 

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